"Aunt" Minta Maud Miles
submitted by Trudy and Earl "Dwane" Miles
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   "Aunt" Minta Maud Miles was born November 10, 1900 in Steffenville, Lewis County, Missouri and died July 26, 1981 in Leonard, Shelby County, Missouri.  Miss Miles was a registered nurse who moved back to the Cherry Box community after a career in nursing.  Aunt Minta retired to a farm two miles southwest of Cherry Box that she shared with her youngest sister, Esther Esta Miles, and their parents, Cyrus Ruddle and Cathern Adelia (McDowell) Miles.  She never married, choosing instead to care for her aging parents.  Having been very active in The Church of the Brethren, she kept a detailed record of burials in the adjoining Church of the Brethren and Mt. Pisgah Mennonite Cemetery (a/k/a Mennonite Cemetery), in which she is herself now buried.  The church building burned in 1983 leaving only the cemetery on the property.  It is not known for certain, but it is assumed that she served on this cemetery's board.  These entries were meticulously recorded on index cards where, after her death in 1981, various family members harbored them until they found their way to Trudy and Earl "Dwane" Miles of Oregon.  Dwane Miles was born and raised in Leonard, Missouri and has family remaining in this area today.  Trudy and Dwane have asked that we also mention Russell Early Miles of Leonard (his father and Aunt Minta were cousins) who provided information as well.  So, it is to Trudy, Dwane and Russell that we extend our heartfelt gratitude in sharing the following cemetery records.

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