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From the 1917 Shelbina High School Yearbook "The Hummer" 

Editor-in-Chief: Russell Bollow
Literary Editor: Edith Chapman
Contributing Editor: Lew Melson
Athletic Editor: Ellison Dimmitt
Art Editor: Don Hanly
Business Manager: Iven B. Teachenor


Ellison Dimmitt - - - - - President
Russell Bollow - - - - - Vice-President
Mary Crawford - - - - - Secretary
Virginia Shouse - - - - - Treasurer


Lois Blakely "Pinkey
Russell Bollow "Meisters"
Mary Belle Caldwell "Honk"
Willa Carlile "Bill"
Gentry Crawford
Mary Crawford
Albert Culbertson "Cubby"
Maude Deeren "Slim"
Ellison Dimmitt
Elva Dungan "Elvy"
Emmert Finney "Donk"
Helen Ford "Loui"
Don Hanly "Gabe"
Nelle Lewis
Ralph Looney "Loonie"
Merle Madison "Sarah"
Ruby Madison "Rube"
Mable McRae "Ray"
Neta Mills "Fat"
Marie Muldrow "Lengthy"
John Payne "Wiseacre"
Earl Raby "Bull"
Horace Rice "Tricks"
Virginia Shouse "Virginny"
Ivan Brooks Teachenor "Cricket" or "Brookie"
Russell Tenney "Skin"
David Webb
Guy London Welker "Soap Box Philospher"
Jewell Wood
Melvin Woods "Nuts"


Four years ago, the Senior class of '17 entered High School. There
were twenty-five in our class. We were small in number but we easily 
filled this deficieny with our school spirit. Our first meeting was 
held when the Professor told the freshmen to meet and elect their 
president. Everett Buckner was elected as our president. The rest 
of the year it was our duty to keep the dressing room clean and study 
every night until 12 o'clock. We were nearly afraid to come up town 
for fear of the paddles which the Seniors often threatened to use. 

During our Sophomore year we lost some of our number. Some could not 
keep the step and others were compelled to leave. This year we were 
represented in athletics. Three of our men were regulars on the 
football team. We were also well represented in track.

When we began our Junior year, five new members came into our class. 
They were: Nell Lewis, Rubey Madison, Merle Madison, Horace Rice and 
Ellison Dimmitt. Don Hanly was eleted president and was a very capable 
man in that position. We were stronger in athletics this year. The 
pride of the Senior class was lowered by their not being able to defeat 
us in football. In debating we were among the best. We had three 
representatives who proved they were among the best in the school. 
The Juniors did not stop with one activity but took active part in all. 
We gave both basketball teams some of their best members. We 
entertained the Seniors this year at the annual Junior - Senior Banquet.

The crowning year of all, was the past year of school life when we took 
the leadership among the classes, as Seniors. We are 28 in number, with 
Ellison Dimmitt as president. Very few classes that have been graduated 
here can equal our record in athletics. Five of our boys each received 
an "S" in football and several others tried out. Two of the girls received 
an "S" in basketball. The class was well represented in Boys' Basketball. 
Four of our class each received an "S" in this activity. In the 
declamatory contest the Seniors have the honor of sending one of their 
members to Kirksville to represent this school.

These few facts whih you have been reading made up our past history as a 
class, our future history will be one of individuals. Soon the class 
will be separated, some to continue school work and others to enter 
business, but each one will follow some kind of work.

When the members of the class of '17 have gained a prominent place in 
the world, I hope they will not forget that the foundation for their 
success was laid in Shelbina High School.