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From the 1918 Shelbina High School Yearbook "The Hummer"
(Submitter's note: My Grandfather, Harold Dailey, was the proud 
Editor in Chief!)

Editor in Chief: Harold Dailey
Assistant Editor: Joe W. Morgan
Athletic Editor: Mildred Todd
Literary Editor: Helen Studer
Art Editors: Roy BOllow, Howard Gregory
Business Manager: J.A. Roe 


Clinton Heald - - - - - President
Vance Singleton - - - - Vice-President
Grace Byars - - - - - Secretary - Treasurer


Grace Byars "Pig"
Edith Chapman
Cartha Clark "Timidious"
Katherine Cleek "Slim"
Phillip Cotton "Flip"
Kathryn Crawford "Silicate"
Harold Dailey "Doc"
Eula Ray Dickson "Blondy"
Nellie Estes
Thelma Forman "Tommy"
Joella Gaines "Jody"
Anna Ryan Greenwell "Fat"
Notley W. Hawkins "Hawk" or "Brutus"
Clinton Heald "Professor"
Jewell Jacks "Pretty"
Nina Magruder
Nellie McReyolds "Parrot"
Lew W. Melson "Swede"
Frank Will Miller "Booby"
Ruth Morrey
Lucille Muldrow "Honk"
Louis Piercy "Lewie"
Mary Raby
James Amos Roe "Eggs"
Vance Singleton "Lilly"
Mary Lil Sparks "John"
Maurine Springsteen "Meannie"
Helen Studer "Dutch"
Hazel Tenney "Shorty"
Mildred Todd "Toddy"
Edna Werner "Patsy"
Joe Wright "Joe P."


When we consider that the colors of the class of 1918 are red, 
white and blue, and its motto, "Loyalty, Purity and Truth," we 
realize that this class is one hundred per cent American. The 
class of '18 achieved honor in every department of student life. 

Among her members are those that excel in scholastic attainment; 
are those that have won fame for Shelbina High school on the 
athletic field; are those that represented Shelbina High in 
interscholastic debates; are those that triumphed over Hannibal; 
are those that brought home the cups from Trenton; are those that 
brought back the stock judging cup from Kirksville; are those 
that put out the "Shelbinan"; play in the orchestra and sing in 
the chorus.

The members of the class of '18 do things. Every member of the 
class takes part in some activity; every boy in the class was out 
for the class football team, and nine Senior boys received the 
letter "S" in football. Two Senior girls were on the basketball 
team of this year, and played on the championship team of last year. 
Every four-minute man that has been selected this year has been a 
Senior. There are four Seniors on the track team; three in debate 
and two on the declamatory team.

We do not believe that the class of '18 is a slacker class. We 
have had big things to do because big things were accomplished by 
the classes that have gone before.

So, in leaving, the class of '18 pledges loyalty to Shelbina High 
and will endeavor to maintain purity in their ideals, and knowing 
that truth will prevail, will go out ready and willing to consecrate 
themselves to the services of that greater red, white and blue that 
stands for the salvation of civilization.