[Excerpts-in regard to churches as they existed in 1884.]


Black Creek Baptist Church - (Select the title for a .pdf containing information on the congregation of this church.)  Organized on 21 September 1847 and the congregation met through 1902.

Mount Zion Church, Tiger Fork Township, was organized on the fourth Saturday in August 1838 by Revs. M. Hurley and Jeremiah Taylor and is situated in Tiger Fork Township on Section 6 township 58 range 9. The original members of this church were:  Edward Rutter, Elizabeth Rutter, Levan Brown, Lucinda Brown, Caroline Looney, William Randolph, Lucy Moffett, Jesse Vanskike, Martha Vanskike, Amanda Moore, Edmund Rutter, Jane Rutter, W. Moffett and Hannah and Sarah, colored women.  Back


Shiloh Baptist Church, situated on section 10, township 59, range 10, Bethel Township, was organized on the second Saturday in May, 1869, its constituent members being George H. Rager, Bedford Brown, Ann E. Brown, Elizabeth A. Brown, Lucinda Brown, George C. Brown, Vincent C. Nicol, Elizabeth Neel, Robert A. Todd, Elizabeth Todd, Nancy Vanskike, Martha Latimer, Herbert Bloom, Jennett Bloom, George Elgin, Ducebelle Elgin, Addie Elgin, Henrietta Hewitt, Elizabeth Graves, Lucy Graves, Eliza Graves, Allen Wright, Matilda Wright, Nathan Martin, John Finney, Ann Finney, Margaret Finney, Jesse Vanskike, Martha Vanskike, Robert Lankford, Rebecca Lankford, W. Cochran, Monroe McIlhaney and Edmonia Moore.  Back.


North River Church was organized in 1844, being situated one section 17 of Taylor Township. The original members were Shelton Dodd and wife, John H. Garnett and wife, James Singleton and wife, Masco Garnett and wife, Jesse Stuart and wife, C.L. Harris and J.T. Garnett.  Back.


Prairie View Church was located on section 15, township 57, range 9, Jackson Township and was organized February 5, 1876. It was formed by the consolidation of three other churches: Oak Dale, Hunnewell and Friendship churches. [No names of members listed.] Back.


Oak Ridge Church was located six miles south of west of Shelbina in Jefferson Township. It was organized February 16, 1867 with the succeeding named persons: Henry Kidwell, Nancy Kidwell, Sophronia Kidwell, Louisa Kimble, William Kidwell, Rebecca Kidwell, Benjamin F. Kidwell, Elijah Dungan, Frances Dungan, Aaron L. Webdell, Milly Webdell, Nancy Thrasher, Annie E. Clark, Joel Thrasher, Cora Perry, John M. Wright, Mary J. Wright, Joseph Clark, Jeptha Smith and Nelson Thomas.  Back.


Looney's Creek O.S. Church in Tiger Fork Township was organized in 1835, being situated on section 33, township 59, range 9. The names of the original members are William Randolph, Nancy Randolph, Henry Louthan, Mary Louthan, Manly Elgin, Evalina Elgin, William Moffett, Edward Wilson, Mary Wilson, Edmund Rutter and Elizabeth Rutter. This church was organized before the division of the Baptist Church into the two factions, Old School and New School.  Back.


M.E. Church South, Shelbina. This church was organized in the fall of 1858. The following were some of the first members: William A. Reid, J.R. Colvert and wife, F.M. Harrison and wife and William Wood and wife.  Back.


M.E. Church South, Shelbyville was organized in about 1839. Upon the division in 1844 it was reorganized with Thomas J. Brown and family, Cyrus Sanders and family, Dr. Thomas Irvin and family, James Irwin, William Broughton and family, Mrs. Edmonds, Mrs. Vandiver, William Dines and family, Tyson Dines, John W. Dines, Thomas Dines, Joseph Dines, James Ralph and family, Mrs. Crawford, John Laws and family, Jacob Vandiver and family and Cyrus Van Nort and family as its original members.  Back.


Bacon Chapel - Salt River Township, was organized in the fall of 1837 with John B. and Charlotte Lewis, Charles and Dollie Christine, Mary I. Wailes, Margaret A. Moore, M. Wheeler, David Wood, William Wood and Stanford Drain as its original members.  Back.


Clarence M.E. Church South -reorganized in 1867m the names of W.O. Huston and wife, George Hall and wife, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Whitby, Alice Burkholder, C. Hornback and wife, Mary Hodge and Mrs. Mary Jacobs appearing on the records as the constituent members.  Back.


Bethany M.E. Church South in the eastern portion of Black Creek Township was formed March 4, 1882, the following persons constituting the original membership: R.J. Taylor and wife, George F. Carmichael and wife, Lulia Z. Taylor, C.E. Scott, Angie Foreman, Thomas Tingle and wife, Eliza Smith, J.H. Carmichael and wife, Levena Forman, Sarah Smith, Sallie Raine and Lucy Carmichael.  Back.


Pleasant View M.E. Church South situated on section 6, township 59, range 9, was organized in February, 1881, its constituent members being Joseph A. Brown, Joseph H. Brown, Lucy V. Brown, Thomas T. Brown, Francis M. Brown, Mary B. Carlisle, John W. Carlisle, Julia Gardner, John R. Glasscock, Mattie E. Glasscock, Fannie L. Glasscock, Margarette E. Glasscock, Annie L. McGraw, Jennie Oder, James W. Settle, Carrie Settle and Elizabeth Seidelmeier.  Back.

Oak Dale M.E. Church South was organized in about 1836 and is situated on section 5, township 57 and range 9. [No members names listed.]  Back.

The Berean M.E. Church, Shelbyville was organized January 13, 1850 by Christopher J. Houts, presiding elder of the Hannibal district and J. M. Chivington. The original members were Leonard Dobbin and wife, James W. Ganby and wife, Joseph Hitch and wife, David Wood and wife, E.B. Stover and wife, John Short and wife.  Back.

Clarence M.E. Church was organized 1866. [No members names listed.]


Evans Chapel located in Taylor Township, section 22-59-12, was organized in 1865. The names of the original members are John Barkley and wife, G.W. Greenfield and wife, R. Cox and wife, John Clemmons and wife and James Ward and wife.  Back.


The Presbyterian Church of Shelbyville was organized July 30, 1859 by Rev. W.P. Cochran. The names of the original members are Joseph M. Irvin, Esther Vaughn, Mary Vaughn, Elizabeth Carothers, Dr. Darius Day, Peter B. Lightner and Mrs. Rachael Lightner.  Back.


Pleasant Prairie Church is located on section 18, township 59, range 10 and was organized in 1866. The original members were J.A. Ewing, Rebecca Ewing, Sallie Cardwell, Eva Cardwell, Martha Cardwell, James Cardwell, Susan Cardwell, Joseph Blackwood, Ella Finley, Nancy Finley, Israel Cannon, Mary Cannon, Mary Cardwell, Susan Bostian and W.N. Bohon.   Clarence Presbyterian Church Clarence Presbyterian Church was organized July 17, 1859 by Rev. J.R. Winters with James S. Martin, J.E. Martin, Mrs. Mary J. Martin, Susan M. Hollyman, James B. Ryland, Mary J. Ryland and R.A. Newcomb.  Back.


New Providence Church (Select the title for a .pdf containing information on the congregation of this church.)  In the south-eastern corner of Taylor Township it was organized November 10, 1859 by Rev. S.C. Davidson with the following as its original members: Nathan Byars, J.P. Killinger, Hugh Kirkwood, .F. Dunn and wife, Jacob Killinger and wife, Glen Killinger, Margaret Kirkwood, Mary Evans and James G. Byars.  Back.


Shelbyville Christian Church was organized in 1839. The following were a majority of the first members: William Gooch, Tandy Gooch, Wm. S. Chinn, Joseph Chick, Hiram Rookwood, Warren Hall, Wm. Conner and their wives and families and Mrs. Zerelda Hill.  The congregation was reorganized in 1874 with the following members: Catherine B. Collier, Jane E. Black, Eliza J. West, Sallie Oakes, Sarah J. Hiter, Sarah Carley, Jane Brawner, Lucy S. Chinn, J.M. Collier, Maria  L. Sullivan, and Cordelia P. Dobyns.  Back.


Antioch Church in Taylor Township, was organized in 1867, some of the original members being: T.P. Manuel and wife, L.H. Gillaspy and wife, S.A. Vandiver and wife, J. McWilliams and wife, Mrs. Rebecca Peoples, J.P. Tandy, Mrs. C.G. Magruder, George A. Stuart and wife, J.D. Gray and wife, John A. Gillaspy and wife, Joseph Stuart and wife, Mrs. S.A. Magruder and J.T. Baker.  Back.


Concord Christian Church was organized December 1, 1883 and is situated on section 23, township 59, range 9, in Tiger Fork Township. It was organized by Rev. J.P. Tandy with L. Hunter, William Daniels, S.I. Bragg, William Peak, James DeMoss, Levi Plight, Millie Plight, Mary Bragg, Martha W. Triplett, M. Peak, Alice Browning, Caroline Daugherty, Ida Daugherty, Mary E. Wolf, Susan Melburn, E.P. Allen, America Allen, Mahala Siminon, A.S. Rife, G.A. Rife, John McGraw, Eliza J. Bragg, Benjamin Talbott, Mary J. Pierce, Walker Pue, Ellen Siimion, Mary E. Jones, Charles Simion, Elizabeth Poor and F.M. Poor as its original members.  Back.


St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church was built in 1883. [No members listed.]  Back.

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